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United Forces in Vibration

01/02/2013  |  Modena, Italy

In line with the strategy of making OLI the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial vibrators, the WAMGROUP Management has decided to further accelerate the process by the acquisition of VISAM.

Almost for the last twenty years VISAM has manufactured vibrators ranking as the fourth largest producer in Italy. The company is recognized for their high quality products, their excellent service and distinguished technical expertise. OLI and VISAM are complementary in many ways. Their common goal is to offer each and every customer in all market segments the best product service / price / organisation mix. For WAMGROUP and its trade partners this bears immediate, extraordinary advantages the main ones being trade synergies, streamlining of costs, synergies in R&D, as well as sharing technical knowledge and market information.

The acquisition also enables WAMGROUP to provide the one-stop solution to any problem of vibration and to serve each market segment with the most suitable mix of product, service and price.

Both companies will maintain their own brands and distinctive characteristics in terms of their market image. Thanks to the acquisition, the Group is now able to satisfy all their customers by offering products and services in line with the needs of each single customer. The new team has already had evidence of the great potential of the investment and they look forward to a mutually rewarding future collaboration.

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